The name itself has set our imagination on fire. Travelling across the entire continent of Africa has become a dream for many travellers.

Our overland expedition, a 72-day journey from Cape Town to Cairo, is prepared for modern-day explorers to unveil the multiple layers of the many nations, tribes, and history of Africa. All the vivid images we have seen on TV and movies will become reality: lions dozing off in the purple shadows of trees and scrub; herds of wildebeest massing on the plains, monkeys swinging through an emerald jungle canopy; crocodiles floating on water where huge hippos glisten and wallow. You will see the dazzling rainbow over the tumultuous crash of Victoria Falls; hear the River Nile as it glides majestically past ancient temples and pyramids; meet the proud Maasai warriors standing tall with their intricate beadwork and striking scarlet cloaks; catch a glimpse of the bright yellow flash of an Ethiopian priest’s robe on a dusty road; drive through the Great Rift Valley where some of the oldest human remains and tools have been found, dating back to about 2.6 million years ago.

During our journey from South to North, together we explore mountain, sea, lake, savannah, forest, and river; we take a closer look into the trees and bush, shifting sands, wild flowers and gleaming waters, we encounter the Bushmen, the Maasai, the Nubians, the Tuaregs and Egyptians, we drive by the majestic peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya. The life of Africa will be revealed to us in all its diversity and glory.

Come and drive with us, through this magic continent, and have the journey of a lifetime!



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