• The Project vehicle

    Parts used from Series 2

    All Body Panels


    In the end I ended up spending almost twice the amount of time and money on this project than what I originally estimated but then 10 000 euro is still not that bad considering I now had the vehicle I wanted

  • The Donor vehicle

    Parts used from Discovery

    300 TDI Motor and all ancillaries
    All mounting brackets from chassis
    Complete Power steering system
    Multifunction steering wheel
    Front and rear Differentials
    Complete front suspension system
    Complete ABS Braking system
    Electronic Traction Control

    In addition a TD5 Gear and transfer box found in the TD5 Defender

    Engine management computer for motor

    Suspension Coil springs and Front Diff firmly in place on the chassis of the series.

  • Land Rover Series 4

    Accessories List

    9500 Winch
    Storage System
    Roof rack
    Fridge Gas 12V
    Roof top tent
    Gas cooker
    Spot lights
    Sound System
    Branch deflectors
    220 Volt converter
    Rock Sliders
    Oil Temp Gauge
    Undercarriage protection plate
    Water purification system
    Rev Counter
    Water Tank
    GPS navigation System
    Jerry can holders
    Duel battery system
    Long Range Fuel Tank
    A Bar
    Headlight protectors
    Alarm system
    Cargo nett
    Outside lighting system



With money and time and a little creativity anything is interchangeable, Landrover however make this a little easier as the basic vehicle has change very little between the various models The parts outlined below were changed on my vehicle

The donor a Land rover Discovery 300 tdi automatic built in 1997 built 26 years later  than the series vehicle

Engine   The original 1971 series    The New Discovery 1 1997

Petrol                                         Diesel         300 TDI 
6 cylinder 2 625cc                        4 cylinder 2 500cc
83 bhp (net) at 4500rpm              82kw (111hp) 
Max. Torque 128nm                     Max. Torque 265Nm
Realistic 20l/100km                      10l/100km


The old                                                     The New
Standard non synchromesh gearbox.             Lt77 % speed with centre diff


Leaf sprung rear
The front suspension was changed to Coil Springs ( A BIG JOB )

Both front and rear were changed to the Discovery 3.54 ratio diffs, I used the entire differentials and housings, the front was east as all the mounting matched the new coil suspension in the front, for the rear I had to cut and weld new mountings on the casing. This later made the disc brake conversion a piece of cake.


Brakes  Disk brakes with full working ABS system         


The wiring took almost 3 weeks to complete

                               Before                                                         in between                                                           After                       


And thats how you do it