• The ROOF of AFRICA The toughest of all Extreme enduro's
  • Taklamakan The Gobi Desert has not been the only highlight here. Glacier landforms, Yadan landforms, Saline-alkali landforms, snow-capped mountains, lakes, grassland, riverbed…,including world-famous Lop Nor and Taklimakan Desert,make Xinjiang a natural racing field. The Dakar Rally is expensive. now finally-established “Taklimakan Rally”, offers an alternative with participating procedures much simpler and far cheaper.
  • Media This event will be broadcasted by CCTV and the Hunan Satellite TV television relay alliance; entertaining and modern elements will be added in the professional sports event to make the rally more interesting and enjoyable.

The Challange

This is the same principal as the Dakar but not the Dakar in my books its better, something like the roof of Africa, anyone can enter, and you dont need to break the bank to do so, it will cost 10% of what the Dakar would cost you. And garanteed to be the Adventure of a lifetime.

The entire race will cover over 4,000 km; there are eight race sections; the special race section which will be extra difficult is nearly 2,500 km long; the percentage of desert race section in the special race section will be increased by 20% than that of the previous year. The race route will cover Turpan, Harmy, Bazhou, Hetian and Aksu

International Invitation riders There will be car racing teams and motorcycle racing teams from all around China as well as overseas racing teams for the invitation race; there will be over 200 racing vehicles competing in the rally and the number of riders and drivers will reach nearly 400.