trans Germany – Austria – Slovenia – Italy – Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro – Kosovo – North Macedonia – Bulgaria – Turkey – Georgia – Armenia – Azerbaijan – Russia

Adventure of a lifetime

2020’s Silk Road overland adventure will start from Southern Germany, over the Alps and through the entire Balkan Peninsula.
The Balkans - where East meets West and new merges almost seamlessly with old – is the main theme of this section.
The pristine landscapes of Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, with historical attractions by the Mediterranean Sea, mystical old town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, stunning mountains and canyons of Montenegro, remote villages in Kosovo and lively Skopje, North Macedonia and Sofia, Bulgaria … …this year’s driving adventure will be a delightfully different experience.

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2020 Drive the Silk Road will start from Southern Germany, over the Alp, explore the Balkan Peninsula, through Turkey and venture into the South and North Caucasus region. The overland journey for this year, will start from Munich and end in Sochi, Russia.



This year's route Map:


The journey reveals various regions along this historical and legendary route taking travellers into many unspoiled and off-the-beaten-path . By driving through and visiting these places, our participants have realized that the Silk Road is not a legend that belongs to the past,

but full of liveliness and present-day activities, and the knowledge gained from the journey shall be much greater than those from the history books. Journey with us in the footsteps of legendary explorers ,along the greatest thoroughfare in human history.